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(last update: August 11, 2005)

Some screenshots from our recent speaker identification experiment. These show four avatars at a meeting around a table in a virtual world. In the first screenshot, the avatar who is currently speaking is identified by the presence of a cartoon bubble over their head.

Speaker bubble

The second image shows the use of the mini-map to identify who is currently speaking. The position of the viewer is indicated on the mini-map by the yellow X. The position of the four avatars are indicated by the four circles. When an avatar is speaking, their circle is red. When an avatar is silent their circle is yellow.


The minimap is also used to display the relative positions of all of the avatars in a virtual world. As users move their avatars around the enviroment, the position of the dots on the minimap is dynamically updated.

This is an early screenshot of a number of avatars participating in a virtual world having a conversation.
Note that different people are in this world; we have a coffeepot, an emu and a couple of tinmen. No batmen this time.

virtual world

We are experimenting with different user interfaces. Our poster shows two of them in action...

virtual world


If you want to help, please email Sarah Dumoulin - an employee of the Communications Research Centre (CRC), Canada. MVIP is partly produced by employees of CRC, and is released as Open Source to the world community.

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