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  • Our ECSCW Position Paper. This paper has a section outlining our current research project using MVIP - the development of a Virtual Office Building.

  • A paper on breeze as a haptic device which was presented at the IEEE 2004 symposium on haptics. This is one application using MVIP and FreeWRL created CVEs.

  • CRC's second MVIP paper which was presented at Web3D 2003 (pdf to be available here soon)

  • CRC's first MVIP paper which was presented at the Web2000 conference at Monterey, Calif. in Feburary 2000.

  • FreeWRL is the browser used with MVIP during development. Although other EAI compliant browsers should work with MVIP, MVIP has only been tested with FreeWRL.

  • Immersion technologies makes the cyberglove used by MVIP's virtual hand.

  • Polhemus make an interesting assortment of external input devices.

  • Virtual Research make goggles that I use with the Polhemus Fastrak to walk around my virtual world.

  • Ascension Technology make a motion tracker similar to the Polhemus.


    If you want to help, please email Sarah Dumoulin - an employee of the Communications Research Centre (CRC), Canada. MVIP is partly produced by employees of CRC, and is released as Open Source to the world community.

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